Ornate Vintage Co. was born out of my desire to create and cultivate the ideal vintage store of my dreams.

My name is Rachel Stillman and I am the founder of Ornate Vintage Co.

Getting here was a rather abrupt, but worthwhile journey. I had always dreamt of owning a vintage store. A place of my own where I can offer an experience I create for people I love. I just did not imagine it would be happening during a pandemic at 20 years old. 

I grew up with a family who dedicated their time to fashion. My grandfather, an artist, my grandmother, a fashion designer, and my mother, a graduate of the same school I attend: The Fashion Institute of Technology. With this a part of my childhood, it was clear I knew fashion is something I needed to be involved in. 

Fashion is something very personal. For me, I only shop fashions that have strong meaning to me and the rest of the world. I shop mostly second hand. I do this for many reasons, the main one being environmental impact. Going to a fashion school and growing up obsessed with the industry, it is important to critique and amend the systems within something you care about. That is why shopping second hand and sustainable is my main prerogative. 

Ornate Vintage Co. is a sustainable way to shop. Every item from this shop is second hand and in the condition to be worn again. I want to encourage my shoppers to stray away from fast fashion retailers and invest in companies and brands that actually care for their consumer. I promise, Ornate Vintage Co. cares.

Ornate Vintage Co. also promises inclusivity. As a queer owned business, I uphold values of diversity and inclusivity. I have garments of all sizes for anyone to wear. There are no rules and restrictions here. Feel free to be you, express yourself, and shop ornate.

If you ever have a question about Ornate Vintage Co. or want to chat you can reach us at 
or feel free to DM us on Instagram! 

I am so excited to share Ornate Vintage Co. with you all. Enjoy!

Shop Sustainable & Shop Ornate.